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12 February 2016

skillsbelgium becomes WorldSkills Belgium

To mark the beginning of 2016, skillsbelgium officially changed its name to WorldSkills Belgium.

The announcement was made on 11 January 2016 by the CEO and Belgian Official Delegate, Francis Hourant to 150 Champions, Experts, sponsors and partners, including the Minister of Employment and Training, Eliane Tillieux and the President of WorldSkills Europe, Hubert Romer.

WorldSkills Belgium CEO, Francis Hourant believes adopting the WorldSkills brand, goes beyond the logo and name change. “Skillsbelgium has changed its name to benefit from the WorldSkills brand, to further connect to WorldSkills Partners and communicate with the Belgian people our organization’s goals.”

Over the coming months WorldSkills Belgium will further develop its motto of “the future’s in your hands” through an action plan based on WorldSkills six focus areas, Promoting Skills, Career Building, Skills Competitions, Education and Training, International Cooperation and Development, and Research.

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