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3 June 2014

SENAI has trained more than 60 million Brazilians

senai4.jpgA benchmark for training workers for industry, the institution also invests in innovation and technology to spur Brazilian competitiveness

The National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI) will complete its 72nd year of operation in 2014. During this period, it has trained more than 61 million Brazilian professionals in 28 areas of industry. There are courses ranging from initial and continuing training for youth apprentices, to technical, graduate and post-graduate technological level.

One of the five largest centres of professional education in the world with more than 800 operational units, including fixed and mobile, SENAI received 3.4 million new students in 2013. A benchmark for teaching quality, SENAI is the primary partner of the Brazilian government for a strategic expansion of technical education through the National Program for Access to Technical Training and Employment (Pronatec).

Studies conducted with professionals trained in the institution and the employers that hire them reveal the quality of the education. Over 70% of former students from SENAI technical courses are employed during the first year after graduation. In addition, workers who have taken technical courses can increase their income by 24%. From the perspective of employers, the assessment is positive: 42% of the company supervisors consider these workers superior to other employees. Furthermore, 94% of companies prefer to hire professionals trained at the institution.

SENAI also invests in innovation and technology to strengthen Brazilian industry. It has over 200 laboratories, capable of conducting tests and research for the industries concerned. Additionally, it is implementing a network of 24 innovation centres and 60 technology institutes across the country to stimulate national competitiveness.