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17 March 2023

Samsung and WorldSkills celebrate fifteen years of partnership ahead of WorldSkills Lyon 2024

Samsung renewed its commitment as WorldSkills Global Premium Partner and announced it will be the Overall Event Presenter for WorldSkills Lyon 2024.

The agreement was signed on 8 February 2023 in a simultaneous live event from Suwon, Korea, London, United Kingdom, and Lyon, France, acknowledging Samsung and WorldSkills shared ambitions in changing the world through the power of skills.

The partnership between WorldSkills and Samsung is on the verge of completing fifteen years and WorldSkills Lyon 2024 is the sixth WorldSkills Competition to benefit from having the multinational company as Overall Event Presenter.

“Samsung will help us reach more people, raise the bar higher, and return more value for our community. We can’t wait to see the impact of the next chapter of our partnership,” said WorldSkills President Chris Humphries.

Speaking on behalf of skilled youth from around the world, WorldSkills Champions Trust Representative for the MENA region, Yousra Assali, took the floor to remind stakeholders of the life-changing effect such partnerships have on future generations.

“WorldSkills and Samsung’s trust in us ensures that we can be the best we can be. We can dream bigger, push ourselves further, and see that our success is up to us,” said WorldSkills Champion Yousra Assali. “I want to let you know that we value your trust in us, for changing our lives, releasing the best in us, and giving us the most fruitful journey. We will work hard to use our skills for positive change.”

The event was attended by key leadership of the global, European, and French branches of Samsung, WorldSkills International, and WorldSkills Lyon 2024.

Referring to Samsung’s corporate goals, Dr Woosup Han, Secretary General of Samsung Skills and Vice President of Samsung Electronics, said that the electronics giant will continue to look for further ways to empower and support “young talent to discover and develop their potential so they can contribute to a better future for all, as the next generation.”

In this line, President of Samsung Electronics France, Menno Van den Burg, added that they are working towards more inclusive and qualitative learning experience for the next generation.

Expressing his pride in being able to support this partnership for the second time, Simon Sung, President, Samsung Europe, said how he fully understood “how meaningfull WorldSkills is for young people.”

This was seconded by the President of WorldSkills Lyon 2024, Max Roche, who added he was convinced that “Samsung’s commitment to WorldSkills Lyon 2024 will ensure the delivery of a unique and high-quality event that will inspire future generations.”

“By renewing its support, Samsung recognizes that investing in new generations of skills excellence is required to turn the world’s most urgent challenges into opportunities,” added David Hoey, CEO of WorldSkills International.

WorldSkills is the global hub of skills excellence. Every two years, WorldSkills hosts the world championships of skills. The 47th WorldSkills Competition will take place in Lyon, France from 10 to 15 September 2024.