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6 September 2009

Powering Progress

wsc2009_skill_18_090904_ddg_2162_250w.jpgMany of the students competing in the Electrical Installations competition have a long road of success ahead of them.

Not only are Electricians well-paid professionals who never stop learning, but the contemporary infrastructure for technology will be the same for a long time. We need electricity to provide function for industry, offices, homes etc. True, the functions of these installations do not look the same as they did ten years ago, and ten years from now they will most certainly look different from today. But, in the future we will still need power, communication networks and cabling systems for our electrical installations.

Today, an electrician does more than just wiring a house. They make sure you can see in the dark. They allow you to control the comforts of your home in an energy saving way. They make sure that internet can work, even on the phone in your pocket. They can install systems that detect problems like fire or break-ins before it gets out of control.

Even though technology advances fast, the job of this talented craftsperson - the Electrician – will remain a vital role long into the future.

The Competitors working hard today at the WorldSkills Competition strive for excellence in all that they do. It’s a promising future for the trade of Electrical Installation. Come watch these talented individuals as they go for gold. If you’re interested in learning more about the trade and the WorldSkills Competition, come and meet John Rudge, past Australian Champion at WorldSkills Shizuoka, 2007. He is now available as a WorldSkills Expert to talk with those interested in the Electrical Installation trade. And, as the climax of the Competition draws closer, he can share a unique perspective on how the Competitors will be feeling on this last day.