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7 August 2013

The numbers of WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

wsc2013_cc_glasshall.jpgBy WorldSkills International

It is hard to believe that it has been a month already since WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 officially closed. The statistics and data coming out of the 42nd WorldSkills Competition are impressive. The event continues to grow at a phenomal rate. Here is what we know already, the Final Report will have much much more:

  • There were 1,004 Competitors registered from 53 different countries/regions in 46 skills (999 actually competed)
  • There were 1,023 journalist present, including 150 Official Media
  • During WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 over 205,000 visited the event and Meet.Greet.Celebrate activities
  • The Conference Program had approximately 5,500 attendees
  • There were over 160 Event Sponsors involved
  • Approximately 90% of the infrastructure was provided by sponsors
  • Senior politicians and officials who visited the Competition included: Ministers, EU Commissioners, Ambassadors, and Consul Generals.
  • Government officials were present representing the following countries/regions: Germany, Denmark, Chinese Taipei, Mozambique, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Myanmar, Russia, Malaysia, Iran, China, Thailand, Hungary, Netherlands, Lithuania, Brazil, Ecuador, Liechtenstein, Oman, Vietnam, Colombia, India, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Italy, Sweden and the United States of America.
  • Approximately 8,500 people attended both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • For the first time ever, there was a live stream of both Ceremonies over the Internet. Close to 11,000 people watched the Opening Ceremony and over 22,500 people watched the Closing Ceremony.
  • WSI uploaded 20,388 photos to Flickr and there has been 843,304 photo views during July
  • WSTV added 120 videos from the Competition and there have been 72,805 views on WorldSkills TV's YouTube channel in July
  • WSI Facebook reach was 828,092 unique users during July with 599,505 during the week of the event
  • WSI Facebook over 7,500 new Likes in July
  • WSI website had 86,313 unique visitors in July with 460,094 page views
  • There were 124 Check-ins during the Competition on Foursquare 
  • There were 1,285 individual tweets mentioning @WorldSkills during the event
  • Over 550 new followers on WSI Twitter in July