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26 October 2021

Namibia prepares to host WorldSkills Africa Swakopmund 2022

WorldSkills Africa Swakopmund 2022 will take place from 28 March to 2 April 2022.

At a launch in October to rally the continent behind the event, WorldSkills Namibia and their partners outlined plans to host WorldSkills Africa Swakopmund 2022 taking place from 28 March to 2 April 2022. More than 100 Competitors from 13 African countries will compete in 16 skills. The event will also include an international conference and a careers exhibition.

WorldSkills Africa Swakopmund 2022 is supported by WorldSkills International and the African Union. WorldSkills Namibia was granted the right to host the second edition of the WorldSkills Africa Competition, following the inaugural event staged in Kigali, Rwanda, in 2018.

Namibia’s Minister of Higher Education, Technology, and Innovation called upon the business sector to support WorldSkills Africa Swakopmund 2022, noting the event aligns with Namibia’s national long-term strategic endeavour to leverage the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector, and by extension, support economic prosperity for future generations.

“In an increasingly competitive global environment, Namibia recognizes TVET as a crucial vehicle for social equity, inclusion, and sustainable development. We acknowledge TVET’s potential to contribute to lower unemployment and poverty alleviation and we value TVET’s role in enhancing the levels of self-confidence of individuals in becoming productive citizens,” the Minister explained.

The African Union’s Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology, H.E. Professor Sarah Anyang Agbor, said the continental conglomeration was looking forward to a multi-faceted event showcasing the skills of Africa’s young talents across a wider range of technical and vocational trade areas.

“In launching the countdown to WorldSkills Africa Swakopmund 2022, we recognize that Africa is gaining further traction in advancing the shared social objective of increasing the provision and development of skills. The solid progress with preparations excites and encourages all of us at the African Union,” said Professor Agbor.

Professor Agbor highlighted the international conference and careers exhibition, which are to take place on the sidelines of the competition, as platforms for African countries to discuss how better to invest in the technical and vocational training sector, and for breaking down the negative societal stereotyping of such career options.

“The continent is looking forward to when Swakopmund will be the skills capital of Africa. Join us as we build skills for Africa,” Professor Agbor noted.

In her message at the official launch, European Union Ambassador to Namibia, H.E. Sinikka Antilla said, “I believe that our support for Namibia’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training sector is contributing to the establishment of inclusive growth and job creation policies, as emphasized in various national strategies of the Namibian Government, including the Harambee Prosperity Plan 2, the National Development Plan 5 and Vision 2030.”

Ambassador Antilla stressed that the ongoing support of the European Union and her member states, in particular, that of the Federal Republic of Germany, are aimed at positioning Namibia’s technical and vocational training sector stood to better support the youth in responding to expectations of the labour market and the digital economy.

“TVET helps youth to respond to new challenges by providing skills needed in the knowledge economy, the blue economy, the circular economy, the green deal, the digital economy, you name it. TVET is also about being able to create own jobs and businesses. WorldSkills Aafrica Swakpmund 2022 represents an excellent opportunity to promote these values and technical expertise to the younger generation”, she stressed.

WorldSkills Africa is a critical component of WorldSkills Vision 2025, aimed at expanding skills development in Africa. Find out more about WorldSkills Africa.