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3 July 2020

Long distance communication keeps Future Skills in touch with the world

Future Skills was one of the highlights of WorldSkills Kazan 2019. Now it’s back in 2020 - and even COVID-19 can’t hold back the future.

WorldSkills Russia is using remote training to hold its Future Skills Camp this year, with participants taking part from all over the world. Running until the end of August, the project offers workshops that will help young people develop the crucial skills needed in the years to come.

Using a specially created platform, participants will first be briefed by Experts and then receive test projects depending on their time zone. After assessment, they will receive a certificate of participation in the Future Skills Camp along with a Skills Passport.

The pandemic turns out to be an ideal test of distance learning - when teachers and students are in different locations, sometimes different continents - something which was increasingly in demand even before the current situation.

WorldSkills Russia says its goal is helping professional education systems function under any conditions.

Taking part this year are Experts and Competitors from over a dozen countries as well as Russia, including Belarus, India, China, South Africa, Tunisia, and Portugal.

The hope is the lessons and skills learned will be incorporated into their training systems and national competitions.

This year, the skills being offered are Additive Manufacturing, Digital Factory, Digital Capabilities for Business, Drone Operating, Enterprise Information Systems Security, Industrial Design Technology, Industrial Robotics, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Internet Marketing, Internet of Things, IT Software Solutions for Business, Life-Cycle Management, Mobile Application Development, Machine Learning and Big Data, Manufacturing, Team Challenge (Maker), Quantum Technology, Robotic Welding, Service Robotics, and Space Systems Engineering.

All these skills represent the huge changes taking place across the world in technology and production. With demand for these skills growing yearly, training is now a major challenge for global vocational training and education.

With its Future Skills Camp, WorldSkills Russia says it wants to emphasize the value of training for young people in these field, as well as to strengthen international cooperation.