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19 June 2024

Introducing the thirty teams of young entrepreneurs selected for BeChangeMaker 2024

Find out the teams chosen from a record-breaking number of applications for the eighth edition of our annual social entrepreneurship training programme.

The wait is over. Today, WorldSkills, the HP Foundation, and UNESCO-UNEVOC reveal the 30 teams from across the world who have been selected to take part in BeChangeMaker 2024. The teams were chosen from a record-breaking 700 applications from over 80 countries and regions, the highest since the programme began eight years ago.

Launched in 2017, BeChangeMaker is a social entrepreneurship training programme that enables young people to drive positive change in their communities and contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Since it began, more than 500 entrepreneurial young people have benefited from the programme. The 2024 cohort represents a diverse range of backgrounds and focus areas, including sustainable agriculture, ocean monitoring, inclusive education, and increasing access to medicines for marginalized communities. Over the next three months, they will benefit from learning content provided by HP LIFE, tools and technology to support their growth, and personalized coaching to help them navigate the challenges of building and scaling a social enterprise. The journey will culminate in a live final pitch at WorldSkills Conference 2024 in Lyon, France, where the top five teams will showcase their solutions on a global stage.

Speaking at the online launch event, Priscilla Gatonye, Programme Officer at UNESCO-UNEVOC, said, “This is a very important opportunity for all of you to learn and contribute positively to the world. From climate change and AI disruption to global conflicts across the world, we need young people like you to provide solutions to the most pressing challenges we’re facing today. As part of BeChangeMaker 2024, we want you to not only develop critical skills, but also technical skills and skills that make you an empathetic, resourceful, and responsive human being who can provide solutions to people who are marginalized.”

BeChangeMaker 2024 aims to build a vibrant community of young leaders dedicated to driving social change. By connecting participants with mentors from HP’s global network, experts, and each other, the programme builds community, supports knowledge-sharing, and develops a sense of belonging that extends well beyond the formal duration of the initiative.

The 30 teams for BeChangeMaker 2024 are:

  1. DotConnectors, Zimbabwe — Telemedicine platform with a state-of-the-art EHR system to bridge the healthcare gap.
  2. RiceUp, Vietnam — Rice-based product and packaging initiative.
  3. TechDreamers, Uzbekistan — AI app streamlining students’ digital communications.
  4. SuperNova, Inc., United States — AI-based caregiver app.
  5. Holly, United Kingdom — Solution that helps young people believe in themselves.
  6. YouthDee, Thailand — Insulation made from agricultural waste.
  7. PharmAssist, Spain — Solving lack of access to essential medicines in marginalized communities.
  8. Mandisa Project, South Africa — Platform which aims to reduce skills mismatch.
  9. Synthix AI, Somalia — AI driven virtual care service.
  10. Recap, Portugal — Educational content in the format of reels, quizzes, and gamified experiences.
  11. Talpact, Poland — Volunteering opportunities solution.
  12. Yachachiy App, Peru — Educational app.
  13. Foster Learning, Pakistan — Enhancing the employability through targeted career advisory services and practical skills training.
  14. Doorcas Africa, Nigeria — Livestock mortality reduction system.
  15. Sekofia, Nigeria — Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) health insurance management platform.
  16. Artisans, Morocco — Digital platform that connects independent artisans with clients.
  17. Team ViGeR, Mongolia — VOD platform for educational organizations, offering affordable online education solutions.
  18. Secury, Yemen — Raising awareness to secure digital users and their data online.
  19. llPhantom llRose, Mexico — Sustainable fashion ecosystem.
  20. G-OLD, Malaysia — Smart monitoring system for elderly.
  21. Paltic, Lebanon — Transforming plastic waste into sustainable panels.
  22. Volunty, Thailand — Platform where marginalized groups connect with activists and fundraisers.
  23. Kinowave, India — More energy efficient and affordable cooling solutions.
  24. Algaemi, India — Innovative and sustainable solutions in the paper industry.
  25. HyfeBee, Ghana — Leveraging AI in beekeeping
  26. Blue Ocean, Mexico — Conservation and sustainable use of oceans through advanced monitoring and scientific research.
  27. Propellers, Brazil — Talent development platform for youth.
  28. InteractiveAlphabetism, Paraguay — Solution for functional illiteracy in Latin America.
  29. Planet Plus Kenya, Kenya — Biodegradable bags for recollection and composting.
  30. CALIFICADAS, Argentina — Personal development platform for women.

You can learn more about BeChangeMaker 2024 and follow the progress of the 30 successful teams.