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2 September 2021

Industry in Hong Kong, China shares best practices in promoting skills excellence

To encourage closer cooperation with the industry and promote skills excellence through WorldSkills Competitions, WorldSkills Hong Kong, China hosted a webinar “Uplifting Skills for Professional Advancement”

In the session, four distinguished industry leaders shared with over 400 participants their experiences and success engaging with WorldSkills Competitions.

As a former Competitor of Mechatronics in WorldSkills St Gallen 2003, Simon LAI now owns his engineering consultant company with a mission to modernize local industry automation.  

To pay forward the career acceleration he benefited from participating in the WorldSkills Competition, Simon remains closely connected with young Mechatronics Competitors and often provides guidance to them and internship opportunities to enhance the development of skilled talent in his industry.

Like Simon, William TSOI, the Director of a network cabling company, is keen on supporting the training of WorldSkills Competitors by sponsoring machines and tools, as well as the setup of a training site.  William sees these Competitors as potential high-calibre candidates for his team, as well as local industry. 

“The WorldSkills Competition provides an exciting exchange platform for traditional skills like painting,” said CHAN Kim-kwong, an active Member of the Construction Industry Council in Hong Kong, China. “While engaging in the Competition, industry partners can understand the state-of-the-art techniques that are up to international standards and reinforce the employees’ sense of belonging towards the industry as a whole.”

A leading jewellery brand in Hong Kong, China has set up a master studio for tailor-made ornaments. Its Executive Director, HO Kwun-wan, finds the WorldSkills Competition an ideal platform to attract young talented craftspeople joining the industry.

“We are excited to see the life of young people flourishing after the Competition. Skill indeed changes life.”

WorldSkills Hong Kong, China  will present further sessions and opportunities to continue to build connections between vocational training institutions and industry, as they work together to raise the standard of skills education and training.