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8 May 2024

How the WorldSkills Experts Faculty is impacting the lives of people in Sudan

Meet David Mukombabi, an Expert from Namibia, who helped develop a competency-based curriculum for TVET schools in Sudan.

A qualified craftsperson in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning from Namibia, David Mukombabi has worked in both industry and education. Following a grant by the European Union to further his studies, he attained a diploma in technical education and training which led him to a career of more than 15 years as a trainer at the Namibia Training Authority.

While he recently returned to the private sector as an air conditioning and refrigeration technician for NamPower, David continues to contribute his diverse knowledge to the WorldSkills movement as a member of the WorldSkills Expert Faculty (WSEF).

Soon after Namibia became a Member of WorldSkills in 2011, David started taking part in local and national competitions as Chief Expert. WorldSkills Kazan 2019 was his first international experience, serving as an Expert in his skill and accompanying young Competitor Andreas Shigwedha. It is at this time that he first heard of the WorldSkills Experts Faculty.

“I joined right away, and I immediately jumped in when I received a request to take part in a project to help create a competency-based curriculum for Sudan,” recalls David.

The project, funded by the European Union and executed by UNIDO, aimed to enhance employment opportunities and stimulate entrepreneurship for unemployed youth, including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and host communities in Khartoum State. Air conditioning and refrigeration were among the priority sectors, for which he was appointed team leader.

“It was a profound experience,” says David. “It was great to work with colleagues from different backgrounds, but most notably I realized that WorldSkills and the Experts Faculty offered so many opportunities to impact the lives of fellow citizens and youth through skills and knowledge,”

The WorldSkills Experts Faculty is a volunteer group of current and former WorldSkills Experts, that promote the power of skills through projects that build the WorldSkills movement and improve skills development around the world. It is also a platform for more experienced members to support new members, offering mechanisms for mutual and interdisciplinary support.

“There are some modules from the skill of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning that are common with Electrical Installations, and the Faculty allows us to consult with Experts from other fields and learn from each other skill sets,” says David, adding that the WorldSkills Faculty has motivated him to do more research and learn on his own time, making him a better professional.

He acknowledges how far his country has come in investing and promoting vocational education and training but regrets that society still holds biases that can discourage young people, particularly girls, from accessing Technical and vocational Education and Training. WorldSkills Competitions, he says, are a platform to change and transform their mindset.

The Experts Faculty has also begun a quarterly webinar series on a variety of topics selected by Members. Learn more about the latest webinar, titled Unlocking Excellence: Training Techniques and the Transformative Benefits Experts Bring Back from WorldSkills Competitions.

Any person who has served in an official role as Expert at a WorldSkills Competition is eligible to join the WorldSkills Experts Faculty. Join the WorldSkills Experts Faculty to promote the power of skills and further develop professionally.