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7 November 2023

Historic day for WorldSkills as the WorldSkills Museum officially opens

Dignitaries, Global Partners, donors, and WorldSkills representatives, celebrated the official opening of the WorldSkills Museum in Shanghai, China.

Visitors can now go to the WorldSkills Museum and take in an engaging, immersive experience that showcases skills across time and cultures, all for a better future.

From a collection of personal assets documenting the journeys of the first WorldSkills Competitors to a walk-in docking ring that shows how skilled workers are key to the exploration of outer space, visitors and residents of Shanghai can now explore the past, present, and future of skills in a new unique Museum dedicated to vocational skills.

The WorldSkills Museum was officially inaugurated on 6 November in a ceremony that brought together representatives of WorldSkills, the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security China, the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government, and Global Partners. Some private donors were also present at the event, including daughters of WorldSkills founder, Francisco Albert Vidal.

“We are humbled and honoured by this incredible Museum,” said Chris Humphries, WorldSkills President. “We were proud to work with the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and WorldSkills China to create a marvellous tribute telling the story of WorldSkills and the story of skills.”

In attendance at the ceremony was Minister Wang Xiaoping and Vice Minister Yu Jiadong of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Mayor Gong Zheng and Vice Mayor Hua Yuan of Shanghai.

The WorldSkills Museum is housed in what was once the Wing On textile storehouse – a 100-year-old former cotton warehouse in Shanghai’s historic YangPu district. With its links to vocational skills and industry, the building has been restored to maintain its original industrial look while combining innovative materials and modern spaces.

Spread across approximately 2,500 m² and divided into six zones, the exhibition uses engaging and immersive formats to tell the story of WorldSkills, helping visitors understand the importance of skills and skilled workers in human development, social and economic progress, industry, or innovation. More than 800 artifacts are on display.

The official opening concluded with the turning of keys by Minister Xiaoping, Mayor Zheng, and Chris Humphries, WorldSkills President.

The Museum has helped to gather much of the history of the WorldSkills in one place, charting its evolution from the first competition in 1950 to the global organization of today. A zone dedicated to skills development and China highlights some of the enduring contributions of Chinese civilization to the world and the country’s commitment to traditional as well as advanced technological skills.

A collaboration between WorldSkills International and WorldSkills China, the WorldSkills Museum project kicked off in 2017 as part of Shanghai’s winning bid to host the WorldSkills Competition. The next WorldSkills Competition following WorldSkills Lyon 2024 will take place in Shanghai in September of 2026.

For more information on the WorldSkills Museum visit to the Museum website.