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10 August 2022

Fifteen teams selected for next round of BeChangeMaker 2022

The social entrepreneurs will work on the BeChangeMaker programme towards a second pitch to determine this year's top five teams.

Members of Team Code-In from Nigeria pose for a photograph.
Team Code-In from Nigeria
Members of ChairLift team from Denmark pose for a photograph.
ChairLift from Denmark
Members of the Thate Pan Institute from Myanmar (Burma) pose for a photograph. 
Thate Pan Institute from Myanmar

Fifteen teams have been chosen to proceed to the next stage of BeChangeMaker 2022, the social entrepreneurship programme powered by WorldSkills and the HP Foundation. From the initial 208 applications from 53 countries and regions, the 30 teams that made it into the programme presented their projects in the first pitch online on 28 and 29 July. Teams were divided into two groups to deliver their pitches separately.

All their business ideas tackle different social issues and contribute to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations Agenda for 2030. From promoting environmentally sustainable practices, to combating discrimination and marginalization, or facilitating access to education and skills training, these young people are developing their entrepreneurial and leaderships skills to make the world a better place.

Marvellous Solomon is leading Team Code-in, a Nigerian team developing a solution to one of their country’s main obstacles to economic development. They have developed a decentralized global crowdfunding platform where investors meet with micro, small, and medium enterprises looking to scale up, meet public needs, and further contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“We have put together the lessons learned in the modules through the HP LIFE courses and turn them into what we think is a successful business model, which we have named NaijaFundSME,” says Marvellous. “I hope that our solution will be successful as it tackles major problems here in Nigeria. It would help in attaining decent work and economic growth, and to eliminate poverty.”

In Denmark, two young women have created an inflatable pillow that will enhance the well-being and freedom of movement for the elderly. Camilla Møller and Linnea Olsen had seen the effect reduced mobility has on the mental health of their loved ones. With an increasingly ageing population across the world, they came up with ChairLift Pillow to help the elderly get up from their chairs on their own. Unlike rising chairs, which not everyone can afford, this pillow is an inexpensive tool to adapt their own chairs.

“Our product helps with all three forms of sustainability. Environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability,” says team leader Camilla. “It gives the target group a sense of independence since they can take care of themselves without needing help to get up from their furniture. In addition, it ensures that the person gets to use their muscles every day without overloading them.”

The coaching provided through BeChangeMakers has helped them find the best way to reach manufacturers and to get a better grasp of their needs. The team hopes to have produced a prototype for the next round of pitches.

In Myanmar, the creators of the Thate Pan Institute found out that most of the students are struggling to access the required education for the skills of the 21st-century.

Their institute aims at providing quality STEAM education for children and youth based on an innovative learning environment, qualified instructors, and project-based classes. They offer virtual, in-person, and self-paced courses at an affordable price to promote the importance of STEAM education in empowering communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve real-world problems.

Here are the top 15 teams that have been selected for the next phase of BeChangeMaker 2022:

  • ChairLift - Denmark
  • Circular Innovation Hub - Kenya
  • EcoLife - Hong Kong
  • Ecovengers - Hong Kong
  • Green Grown Foods - South Africa
  • Happy Pads - Ethiopia
  • Mod Squad - United Kingdom
  • Saben Foods - Uganda
  • Sdnergy - Sudan
  • Team Code-In - Nigeria
  • Thate Pan Institute - Myanmar (Burma)
  • The Specials – Chinese Taipei
  • Welcome to COCAPAIR – Chinese Taipei
  • World Familytech - Iran
  • Xiaoliu Workshop – Chinese Taipei

Over the next weeks, the teams will be able to follow the HP LIFE courses and join the dedicated coaching and mentoring. The second pitch will take place in 2 September, where the top five teams will be able to move forward toward the final pitch on 20 September. They will compete to become BeChangeMaker 2022 and to receive financial support and customized post-programme coaching to accelerate their ideas to the next level.

A crowdfunding campaign will also be launched for the finalists, to help them promote their business solutions, and secure additional financial resources to get their innovative ideas off the ground.