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7 October 2012

EuroSkills 2012 attracts international visitors

Back row left to right: Jos de Goey, WorldSkills Europe; Elfi Klumpp, WorldSkills Germany; David Hoey, WorldSkills International; Simon Bartley, WorldSkills International Front row left to right: Sei W. Gahn, Liberia Ministry of Commerce and Industry; Erik Ladefoged, Swedish Academy of Training; Fofie Koffi, Côte d'Ivoire Ministry of TVET; Richard Lelievre, UNIDO

By Michelle Bussey, WorldSkills International

Belgium is the place for international connections and networking. Visiting EuroSkills 2012 to learn more were representatives from Liberia, Iraq and Republic of Côte d'Ivoire as part of a UNIDO* group on exchange. Sharing their stories and the current situation in their countries with representatives from WorldSkills International WorldSkills Europe, WorldSkills Germany was a true international experience. Lack of infrastructure, an unskilled labour force and rebuilding after ware were common themes in the meeting. The delegates wanted to use this opportunity to learn from countries that have strong skills development systems and willing to share their best practices. As Simon Bartley, President of WorldSkills International, stated,

“The basis for the future is to teach the teachers and train the trainers. This global WorldSkills movement enables the connections and support for colleagues to begin the process of recovery. Between the 61 WorldSkills International Member, we have the knowledge and ability to help you learn, teach and rebuild your skilled worked force.”

As Jos de Goey, President of WorldSkills Europe, pointed out

“The importance of events like EuroSkills 2012 is for people to come and meet counter parts from around the world. These connections aren’t just during the Competitions, they continue on virtually. We enable the networking and connections to happen.”

As the WorldSkills movement continues to grow, there are more and more countries and regions that will be able and looking to visit local skills events and make these connections. There are events happening all of over the world all through the year. For a list of upcoming events please visit here. To add your event to the list please contact

*UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization