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11 April 2019

Develop your entrepreneur skills with BeChangeMaker

Winning BeChangeMaker in 2018 was the “perfect” launchpad for their project for sustainable engineering, says Natalia Beneitez.

Natalia is a member of Team Uroborus, a group of concerned young people from Guatemala and Honduras who hope to use social entrepreneurship to help both the environment and small farmers.

Their proposal for better sustainable farming brought together a set of skills that included computing, engineering, and bio environment systems and took them all the way to a live presentation for the finals at WorldSkills General Assembly 2018 in Amsterdam, where they were named one of the winners.

With further support from BeChangeMaker and HP Foundation mentors, plus an award of 1,000 Euros, Team Urobusus is taking their project to the next level, helped by a globally recognized incubator in Chinese Taipei, and engaging more deeply with the rice farming communities they want to support.

"BeChangeMaker was the perfect platform to kickstart our sustainable business idea with the help of excellent mentors and a global network of experts,” says Natalia. “We believe this program will be able to help other young entrepreneurs develop their business and plan their goals."

The deadline has been extended to 19 April to apply for this round of BeChangeMaker. Visit for more details.