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5 March 2008

Day 4 of the Competition



The last day of the WorldSkills Competition is here! Months and sometimes years of training are all leading up to this day. Competitors have to strategise carefully to ensure that they meet their goals. The pressure is high and the concentration is intense. Walking throughout the Competition site, you can see the focus written all over the faces of the Competitors. They are working hard to finish their projects but equally hard to keep their calm.

Visitors continue to flood the Competition site, it is a sea of people everywhere. Raising the awareness of the skills and the WorldSkills movement has been a huge success in Numazu. Visitors from around the world and from Japan are all captivated at the magnitude of the Competition and the level of skill the Competitors hold.

Numazu City has hosted thousands of people at their festival by the lake near the WorldSkills Competition site. It has been a wonderful place for local hospitality. Visitors have been able to sample the traditional food, music, culture and crafts.

All sights are turning towards the Closing Ceremony on November 21.