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5 March 2008

Day 3 of the Competition

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With tens of thousands of visitors each day of the Competition, the WorldSkills Competition has been extremely well attended. There are thousands of people wandering the Halls and the grounds of the Competition site. Spectators were perched at the side of each skill area tentatively watching the Competitors at work. Web cameras on each Competitor helped the spectators get up close and personal with the Competitors to truly witness and understand the complexity of the projects and tasks that were being worked on.

Over 500 media are registered from domestic and international media outlets making the coverage of the WorldSkills Competition worldwide. The WorldSkills online Media Centre is expanding at a phenomenal rate as photographers from around the world upload photos onto the website. Interviews are being hosted throughout the site and broadcasts around the world are being conducted everywhere you look.

The Competitors have reached the half way mark in the Competition. They are busily working to stay on schedule and keep their focus. As the crowds grow and the pressure increases, the Competitors have to test their ability to remain on task. As Day 3 of the Competition comes and goes, the Competitors quickly realize that they only have one more day mto realize their goals. The key is to remain calm and concentrated.

Good luck to all the Competitors on Day 4!