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15 March 2011

Competition Preparation Week

Chief Expert John Smartt reviewing the Plumbing and Heating samples

By WorldSkills International

The Competition Preparation Week is a hot topic these days. WorldSkills International, WorldSkills London 2011, every Chief Expert, Deputy Chief Expert, Workshop Supervisor and Technical Delegate are keeping busy outlining their objectives.

The Competition Preparation Week (CPW) will be held from March 30 to April 3 and brings together the entire Skill Management Team (SMT)* as well as the Workshop Supervisors. This is a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing and competition preparation and improvement.

The program and agenda is structured to share, discuss and guide all key aspects of preparations and planning for WorldSkills London 2011. The meeting will also facilitate the learning, development and overall preparedness of all Competition personnel.

The CPW is the opportunity for specific Competition details to be finalised, such as Health and Safety documentation, workshop layout, Infrastructure Lists and sustainability initiatives. Delegates will also go on a site tour of ExCeL London (the Competition venue) and a hotel tour where accredited people will be staying. This will give everyone a chance to ask questions, raise concerns or just take in all the new information. 

The Skill Management Team for Landscape Gardening for WSC2009

When the CPW is over, WorldSkills International and WorldSkills London 2011 will have taken another great step towards: 

  • delivering a successful Competition event and individual competitions
  • a more focussed Delegate, Expert and Competitor Experience
  • offering a unique London experience for all

WorldSkills London 2011 is grabbing this unique opportunity to gain some international media attention. They have selected a diverse group of individuals (made up of Technical Delegates, WorldSkills Champions, CEOs, sponsor and government officials) to take part in a media round table discussion about ‘Vocational skills and apprenticeships at home and abroad’. This will take place on Wednesday, March 30 and will be moderated by well known UK journalist, Polly Toynbee and captured by the Guardian newspaper.

Go to WorldSkills International’s or WorldSkills London 2011’s websites for more information.

*A Skill Management Team consists of a Jury President, Chief Expert and Deputy Chief Expert