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5 March 2008

Closing Ceremony WorldSkills Shizuoka 2007

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The 39th WorldSkills Competition is officially over. The medals, awards and certificates have all been given out and the Competitors be returning to their home country shortly. The Closing Ceremony was a wonderful display of energy and excitement. All 47 skill categories announced their champions, followed by the Best of Nation announcements and finally the Albert Vidal Award was presented.

The Albert Vidal Award was achieved by Nicolas Drouin from Canada who participated in Cooking. This Award is named after the founder of WorldSkills International from Spain. During thirty-one Skill Olympics, Francisco Albert-Vidal was responsible for the achievement of the original goals in a changing world: 33 years as an untiring promoter in his position as Secretary General and seven years as President of the International Organisation constantly presenting new ideas. The Vocational Training Competitions became his life's work and the International Organisation was shaped into what it is today. In memory of Albert Vidal, the Award signifies the Competitor that achieves the highest score out of all the Competitors.

All WorldSkills International Members are returning home having had a great experience, having learned a lot of new things about their skill and having made connections, memories, and friendships to last them a lifetime.

The Farewell Party, also hosted by Numazu City, afterwards for all the participants was extremely well attended and enjoyed by all.