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15 March 2016

Champions Trust training camp in Washington D.C.

For a week in February, the current representatives of the WorldSkills Champions Trust (WSCT) met in Washington D.C. During the intense training camp, the Champions participated in a variety of team building, personal development, and speech coaching exercises hosted in partnership with SkillsUSA. An instant bond was created amongst the WSCT as they focused on creating a two-year plan to bridge the gap between Champions and WorldSkills beyond the Competition, including a program for the WorldSkills Champions Forum 2016, at Niagara Falls, Canada.

The WSCT was an initiative developed by Champions for Champions at the WorldSkills Champions Forum 2014 in Lucerne, Switzerland. The Champions wanted an ongoing connection to WorldSkills, that would harness the power of a collection of young, motivated and skilled international professionals. 

The current representatives of the WSCT reflect diverse skills and regions of the world:
• Anna Prokopenya, Russia, WorldSkills São Paulo 2015, Patisserie and Confectionery, WSCT representative for Europe
• Barthélémy Deutsch, Belgium, WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, Restaurant Service, WSCT representative for Europe
• Chirag Goel, India, WorldSkills São Paulo 2015, Web Design, WSCT representative for Asia
• Gary Condon, Ireland, WorldSkills London 2011, Plastering and Drywall Systems, WSCT representative for Asia
• Jenica Branscombe, Canada, WorldSkills London 2011, Beauty Therapy, WSCT representative for Americas
• Rachel Chua, Singapore, WorldSkills London 2011, Caring, WSCT representative for ASEAN and Oceania
• Ricardo Calvi Vivian, Brazil, WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, Graphic Design, WSCT representative for Americas (Returning Member of WSCT)
• Tayla Schou, South Africa, WorldSkills São Paulo 2015, Cooking, WSCT representative for Africa
• Victor Simon, France, WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, Manufacturing Team Challenge, WSCT representative for Europe (Returning Member of WSCT)

The WSCT serves as a valuable voice for past and future Champions. On 25 February, Rachel participated in the Singapore Strategy Committee opt-in meeting. “I had the privilege of meeting Official Delegates from the ASEAN, Asian, and Oceania countries. I was able to speak to them in small groups about what the WorldSkills Champions Trust is set to do. They were keen to hear about the training camp and how we would be able to spread the WorldSkills message.”

Details on the WorldSkills Champions Forum 2016 and other initiatives of the WSCT will be released over the coming weeks. To connect with the representatives of the WSCT please contact Alex Musial, Conference and Projects Manager,