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3 April 2018

Career Personality Quiz encourages youth to discover where their interests can lead

A free aptitude test is encouraging the global youth to translate their interests into a skilled career as part of the WorldSkills mission to promote the vocational skills movement and advance skills development around the world.

The WorldSkills Career Personality Quiz - a joint collaboration between WorldSkills and the Foster Workforce Development Institute (FWD Institute) which relies upon Dr. Terence J. G. Tracey's Personal Globe Inventory - is opening up avenues for talented young people to succeed by giving the global youth an insight into their career personality. 

The quiz, a fun ten-minute aptitude test, encourages participants to share their skills, their hobbies and interest, and discover jobs which interest them the most. Ultimately, the quiz measures and analyses personalities, as well as provides information about jobs that are most interesting for young people to build their career.

Speaking on behalf of the team of psychologists from the FWD Institute, Alexander Gloss, Doctoral Candidate at North Carolina State University, said deciding on a career path can be a difficult decision. By youths taking a survey based on a characterisation of their personality, they will learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit them best. 

"The WorldSkills Career Personality Quiz is an easy and fun way to find out what jobs might be a great fit with your personality,” he said. "Simply answer 20 easy pairs of questions about your reaction to certain work activities and you get a personalised report complete with top recommended jobs and links to learn more about those jobs.”

Mr Goss said researchers at the FWD Institute wanted to come on board and help devise the test to encourage youth to have a wider outlook about the breath of careers available in today’s job market and to gain insight into the careers youths in different societies and geographies are drawn to. 

"WorldSkills is at the forefront of the vocational skills movement and we believe that every person around the world should have the tools to choose the career that is right for them.”

"We hope to better understand WorldSkills Competitors and those interested in getting involved in Competitions,” he added. "In particular, we hope to understand how peoples' career personalities are different in countries around the world.”

“Ultimately, we hope to develop better tools to deliver personalized career insight to people.”

“To date, feedback has been positive - people are very happy to learn more about themselves and the world of work."

Tjihimise Bruno Karaerua, a 22-year-old Namibian who is part of the WorldSkills Champions Trust, participated in Electrical Installations at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 after winning the gold medal for the same skill in his country’s National Competition.

He took the quiz for himself to see how it works and spoke about the benefits it would bring to the global youth. 

"The quiz was short and brief but very comprehensive,” he said. "This is an extremely good quiz for one to perceive their walk of life or careers in general.” 

"If you are not sure which direction your career should go in or thinking of changing your career, taking quizzes is one of the top ways that could be helpful to determine your future direction.” 

"If you don’t know what you are good at or even what you are interested in, this quiz will serve as a career assessment test and will help narrow down the fields. 

"Those who doubt vocational skills will definitely consider it at the end of this quiz."