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12 October 2018

BeChangeMaker Finalist prepare for their live pitch

It’s a nail biting couple of weeks for the remaining teams in BeChangeMaker 2018 as they prepare for the final at this year’s WorldSkills General Assembly.

A record-breaking 166 teams took part, with just five left to pitch for the three prizes to be awarded in Amsterdam on 17 October.

BeChangeMaker is a unique programme which offers mentoring and advice to young budding social entrepreneurs from all over the world. The range of applicants has been as diverse as their ideas, with teams applying from Africa and Asia, to the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

They’ve all benefited from training programmes and support to develop those ideas, with support from the backers, WorldSkills and the HP Foundation.

Now the remaining fantastic five will show how they have progressed and stake a claim for the three top awards, with includes EUR 1,000 Euros, and up to six months more support to turn those ideas into reality.

The finalists include Sirius, from Syria, whose concept is an innovative glove that can translate sign language into both written and spoken Arabic.

Denmark’s Lulu Lab hopes to use gamin to educate young girls in Africa about sex and reproductive health - topics which are often currently seen as taboo in their communities.

Uroboros from Guatemala want to connect farmers with businesses to create more sustainable rice production and a better economic model.

India’s Ripple wants to transform the way people use and save water in their community, while Moubarmij from Lebanon are designing a learning platform with Arabic content that will be both high quality and easily accessible with a view to helping the region’s huge number of refugees.

Grace Lung, Senior Manager of Partnership Programmes, said joining BeChangeMaker had been the breakthrough many of the teams needed to get their ideas off the ground.

“The learning experience for young people who have been involved in WorldSkills and those who haven’t is so valuable, and it helps us promote our brand and extend our impact beyond the current community,” she said.

“Let’s cheer for the finalists and see who will emerge as the top three teams.”

Watch the pitches live on 17 October 2018 at