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29 July 2020

For baker Tim his work is a passion but also a community lifeline

Any baker will tell you that what they do is as much a passion as a profession. In these times, for many communities, it is a lifeline.

That’s why WorldSkills Netherlands has chosen Tim Bienefelt as part of their campaign to highlight the importance of key workers. Tim, 20, has been working everyday through lockdown to supply customers at a bakery in a small village just outside Rotterdam. Now, more than ever, the bakery is supporting the community, he says.

"Everyone was working from home, and the bakery was still up and running to make fresh bread everyday, because people need to eat every day, And that’s why a baker is an essential worker.”

Tim has been baking since he was 14, and after winning the national competition went on to compete for the Netherlands at WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

WorldSkills Netherlands has taken up the global WorldSkills theme “While the World pauses…’ for its campaign, along with our message “Meet the essential workers keeping it moving.”

The bakery, he says, is “a lot busier than before. Everyone bought a lot more bread to put in the fridge and because restaurants closed people now get their pastries to eat then at home.”

In between hectic shifts to meet the huge demand, Tim has also had time to reflect on the lessons of COVID-19 for his work. “I think that it is very important that hygiene rules are observed,” he says “I also learned that it’s very important that vital professions can continue.”