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16 March 2011

Australian/European visit to assist Jamaica with the Apprenticeship Programme

Grace McLean receiving Honorary Membership from WSI President Tjerk Dusseldorp

By Grace McLean, Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Jamaica

The Australian/European team visit to Jamaica was an overwhelming success. The points below outline the key success factors that were set for the visit as well as the tangible outcomes. All objectives were achieved and we are now moving towards refining the report and action plan after which we will move towards implementation.

  • Sharing of the Australian and the European experience regarding the Apprenticeship Programme and the lessons that have been learnt over the years.
  • Contribution to the revamping of the overall Apprenticeship Programme in Jamaica
  • Contribution to the development of the Work-Based Apprenticeship Programme as well as the School-Based Apprenticeship Programme 
  • Development/review of documentation to support the Apprenticeship Programme Establishment of linkages with key industry personnel such as the Jamaica Employers Federation. 
  • Establishment of long term linkages with the Ministry of Education and the HEART Trust/NTA
  • Establishment of linkages with young people from the WorldSkills Alumni group
  • Possible visit of selected Jamaicans to view the Australian Apprenticeship Programme

The tangible outcomes from the visit were to:

  • Give the visiting team a better understanding of the Jamaican education landscape and the challenges that affect growth and development
  • Give the visiting team the opportunity to look carefully at potential investments in Jamaica in areas such as education and training, manufacturing and service Develop long term linkages that will see both countries learning from each other