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Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics in action

Designing, building, and maintaining robots to solve problems in industries from manufacturing to aerospace, mining to medicine.

Mobile Robotics could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Fixing things
  • Making things
  • Things that move
  • Using computers
  • Using tools
  • Working as a team

More about Mobile Robotics

Robots play an increasing role in our lives and places of work in areas as diverse as manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, mining, and medicine.

Mobile robots begin with a design and then a prototype which must be programmed and tested to make sure it offers a high and consistent level of performance.

The mobile robotics engineer must be familiar with logic, microprocessors, and computer programming and prepare specifications for the robot's capabilities as they relate to the work environment. They are also responsible for cost efficient design, cost-price calculations, and quality control.

Recent medallists in Mobile Robotics

WorldSkills Kazan 2019

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    Gengjun Hu


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    Qiyuan Zheng


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    Dong-Chan Jeon


  • Photo of Hyun-Woo An

    Hyun-Woo An


  • Photo of Oskar Arslanov

    Oskar Arslanov


  • Photo of Emil Miftakhov

    Emil Miftakhov


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