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Painting and Decorating

Painting and Decorating in action

Using paint, decorative coatings, wallpaper, gilding, and sign writing both indoors and outdoors in a wide variety of working environments.

Painting and Decorating could be for you if you like:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Helping people
  • Using tools
  • Working outdoors

More about Painting and Decorating

The services of the painter and decorator are needed everywhere from homes to public buildings, factories, and offices.

Painters and decorators can expect to offer professional advice on colours and designs and employ a wide range of finishing skills.

Painting and decorating is a creative job that requires a sense of design as well as the core skills of painting, decorative coatings, and gilding.

Why choose Painting and Decorating?

The best part of my skill is seeing every day the results of my work and a smile on the face of my customers. Skills give me the opportunity to travel and work around the world. I get to see how different painters work worldwide.You should consider a skills because it‘s a great what to create with your hands. You can bring people happiness.
— Christina Peinthor, Competitor at WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

Recent medallists in Painting and Decorating

WorldSkills Kazan 2019

  • Photo of Stefan Planitzer

    Stefan Planitzer


  • Photo of Daniela Ziller

    Daniela Ziller


  • Photo of Mathilde MORTIER

    Mathilde MORTIER


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