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27 October 2008

WorldSkills Calgary 2009 CEO enthusiastic about General Assembly

By WorldSkills Calgary 2009

Members of the Board of Directors were treated to a "White Hat Ceremony", which is a token of friendship in Calgary.

Richard Walker, CEO of WorldSkills Calgary 2009 was delighted with his team's trip to Austria's capital, Vienna, for the WorldSkills General Assembly 2008.

"The 2008 WorldSkills International General Assembly in Vienna was extraordinarily important for us", said Richard Walker. "We were able to present our plans, packages and preparations to the Delegates and answer any and all questions they had."

"Having the City of Calgary and Tourism Calgary personnel with us was very helpful as we addressed issues ranging from - "Where can I get a babysitter in Calgary? To how far away are the mountains?"

"The Delegates at the General Assembly left knowing that Calgary is ready to host the 40th WorldSkills Competition."

"We had an excellent series of meetings in Vienna. From the General Assembly to one-on-one meetings with Global Sponsors, our Calgary Team was kept busy."

Representatives from WorldSkills Calgary 2009 were also energised by the presentation by the Youth Forum.

"It was great to see some of the past Champions investing so much time and effort into creating ideas that will strengthen the WorldSkills organisation, while at the same time leaving a legacy for future Competitors," said Brian Pardell, Vice-President Operations of WorldSkills Calgary 2009.

For more information on the 40th WorldSkills Competition in Calgary please visit: