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6 November 2018

European Vocational Skills Week – Ambassador Katrina Elizabete Sile

WorldSkills Champion selected as 2018 European Vocational Skills Week Ambassador.

Over the last year Katrina Elizabete Sile has experienced an impressive collection of skills experiences. Since earning a Medallion for Excellence and Best of Nation for Latvia at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, she has further developed her graphic design skills at EuroSkills 2018 and was also a participant in the WorldSkills Champions Forum 2018 in Amsterdam.

This week for European Vocational Skills Week she has been selected as an Ambassador, promoting the advantages skill careers give young people.

“Vocational skills is a big step towards an adventure,” she says. “Go deep into the unknown, search for excitement, find a fervour. And don’t give up when you fail - instead find the solution.”

After studying graphic design at the Riga State Technical School PECC, Katrina is continuing her studies in product design at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies in her home town of Jelgava.

European Vocational Skills Week is an initiative by the European Commission to raise awareness of the benefits of vocational education and training (VET). The week will highlight the immense opportunities that VET can provide for young people, adults, VET providers, and companies.

In 2018, the Week takes place from 5 to 9 November in Vienna, accompanied by activities in the EU’s 28 Member States, European Economic Area and EU candidate countries, at local, regional and national levels.

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