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WorldSkills Update 19 June 2013

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WorldSkills Connect

Networking and connections are core centrepieces for the WorldSkills Competition. We are enabling individuals to meet, network, share best practices, exchange contact information and most importantly advance vocational education and training worldwide. To make this even easier, we are inviting people to register and create their profiles on WorldSkills Connect.

WorldSkills Connect is an online tool for people at a WorldSkills event to find other people with similar interests and arrange to meet. By signing up for this tool you are starting your path towards connecting with thousands of other professional people in education, industry, government and labour associations who are all attending the same WorldSkills event as you. It's that simple!

Lincoln Electric
Saint Gobain Gyproc


WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 satisfies your social media hunger!

Social media is huge in today's communication world and for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 we are going to put a lot of resources and effort into making the most of the event and engaging like never before on social media channels. WorldSkills will have a team of six individuals from around the world onsite forming the WorldSkills Social Media Team.

The purpose of the Social Media Team is to ensure that everyone can experience WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 whether they are physically in Leipzig or half way around the world. We want to bring the event to you. The WorldSkills Competition isn't televised (yet!) but we can bring regular live updates to our social media channel. We want all the supporters around the world to have a personal touch and opportunity to get the information that they seek easily and quickly.

So the goal of the Social Media Team is to be reactive and engaging. They will show you what it is like to try out virtual welding, attend world class conferences, prepare for a day of Competition, go through all the results, enter the event for the first time, etc. We want you to feel the emotion, the excitement, the passion, the commitment and the sheer magnitude of the WorldSkills Competition.

Whatever your style or social media perference, find WorldSkills:

Looking forward to 'seeing' you online!

  Social Media gets a face lift!

Just in time for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, we have updated our homepage. WorldSkills will now be a portal to all the information you want or need for the event, media questions, contact information, etc. You will be able to find Competitor profiles, a description of the 46 skills, the Official Media Website, our social media channels, highlight photos and videos, and so much more, all from the homepage of

During WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, we will constantly be updating the homepage with the latest news, photos, videos and when the time comes, the official results. So bookmark the page and visit often as we start reporting live from the venue next week.




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