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WorldSkills Update 31 October 2012

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Message from David Hoey

“If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself ” - Henry Ford

Collaboration is crucial to the success of so many parts of life and it is certainly key to the success of the WorldSkills movement.

I have witnessed several examples of effective collaboration in the last month. The Marketing Communications Working Group saw marketing professionals from our Members, Global Industry Partners and stakeholders come together to share ideas and resources to strengthen what we can achieve in unison; Team Leaders met up to prepare for supporting the teams who will take part in WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 and EuroSkills 2012 demonstrated that collaborative efforts go a long way to ensuring the success of an international skills competition.

Without this level of co-operation and willingness to collaborate, WorldSkills Competitions would not take place and furthermore the messages about how skills development is essential to economic success and personal fulfilment would not be spread so widely.

As we move forward collectively on our mission to inspire, motivate and educate people everywhere about the inherent values skills development bring to individuals, families, industries and Governments, it is also worth remembering that as well as being an enjoyable experience, working in partnership can achieve far more than working in isolation.

David Hoey, CEO, WorldSkills International

Lincoln Electric
Saint Gobain Gyproc


Hot off the press – celebrating half a century of excellence

Those involved in skills competitions at any level – regional, national, or international, recognize the value of competitions in promoting technical and vocational skills and celebrating the excellence of all involved in these events. Now, the world can read about the Dutch experience: their involvement, their findings, and their commitment to participate in skills competitions.

A Dutch publication celebrating and charting the Netherlands 50 year history of being involved in International skills competitions has found that there has been a ‘consistent need’ to promote technical and vocational skills since 1962 and demonstrates the value of skills competitions in achieving this goal.

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  Gaan voor Goud


Two new Members welcomed to WorldSkills International

We welcome Georgia and Armenia as our newest Members taking the total number of WorldSkills International Members to 63.

Under the joint leadership of WorldSkills Germany and the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ), Armenia and Georgia were introduced to skill competitions and WorldSkills as well as coached to set-up their skills organizations and competitions.

While following the framework of WorldSkills International, a special focus was put on bringing in partners in the new Member countries/regions from the industry and labor market sector as well as all educational and VET bodies. Further a fact finding mission took place during EuroSkills 2012 in Spa, Belgium.

Both countries have started preparations to participate in WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 and we look forward to supporting and welcoming them in their first International Competition.

Armenia saw its first national skills competition take place from 24-26 October. The competition included Cooking, Fashion Technology and Jewellery.

For more information about GIZ contact WorldSkills Germany,
Danny Gauch at or
Branko Wehnert at



Pioneer in printing

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Heather Ashe, who is the Print Media Technology Competitor for SkillsUSA going to WorldSkills Leipzig 2013. What a fantastic and inspiring young woman.

When asked what her most memorable moment was so far, she had great difficulty picking just one. But then she began describing the moment after she was given her medal at the SkillsUSA Competition this year. The most memorable moment wasn’t when she got her medal but when she went back stage and was given a second medal in a small red velvet box. She then went back into the stands and found her instructor, Ms. Sherry Adams, and gave the second medal to her. Heather was Ms. Adam’s first national champion. It is a nice way to understand and demonstrate that behind every win, journey and medal is a full support system and a mentor helping that Competitor reach their full potential.

To all of the mentors, instructors, teachers and employers that are helping the 2013 Competitors rise to the challenge of competing internationally, we honour and thank you for your time, efforts and commitment.  

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Pioneer in printing



One School One Country launched in Leipzig

One School One Country for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 has been officially launched at the Leipzig Messe at a special event involving the 55 schools taking part and some of the Team Leaders from WorldSkills International Member countries/regions.

The One School One County initiative involves primary schools from in and around the host city for the WorldSkills Competition ‘adopting’ WorldSkills teams in advance of the Competition so that school children can learn about the culture, values and traditions from another part of the world. Highlights of the programme include the WorldSkills team visiting the school they are partnered with prior to the start of the Competition and the students visiting the international event.

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One School One Country



New Zealand Tool Blacks training gets underway

Following the recent announcement of the New Zealand Tool Blacks team for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, the Competitors met for their first training camp at end of September.

At the camp there were a range of activities where they got to know one another and learned to work together as a team. They were given a couple of challenges which made them think and act as a team (and get very wet and muddy in the process)! They also had developed their training plans with Experts, heard talks from past Competitors about what it is really like at an International competition and received advice about how to present themselves to the media and be ambassadors for their industry and country.

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New Zealand Tool Blacks



Have you ever wondered what the WorldSkills journey is like?

You’re about to find out!

WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 is just under 250 days away and now there is a project that will show you the journey of five Competitors.

A German company, Flying Moon GmbH, will lead five talented film teams (aged 18-25) from five WorldSkills International Member countries/regions (representing five different continents) in documenting the life and work of young, passionate and inspiring Competitors from Australia, Brazil, Germany, South Africa and South Korea. The project will follow these individuals on their journey to WorldSkills Leipzig 2013!

But this is more than just a film project! Flying Moon's aim is to create a unique transmedia documentary experience entitled “Get Ready”. Spanning across several media platforms, the final documentary film will be the result of a collective effort, with its premiere at WorldSkills Leipzig 2013.


WorldSkills journey



Marketing and Communications Working Group a big success

Marketing and communications professionals from around the world met together in Leipzig earlier this month to brainstorm ideas and take forward some of the key goals in the WorldSkills Action Plan 2012-2015 which relate to spreading the WorldSkills messages around the globe.

Four working groups have been established as a result of the Marketing and Communications Working Group which will each focus on one of the following key areas; media, social media, brand and event marketing. These groups will continue virtually going forward to ensure that the outcomes from the Working Group are driven to completion.

Communications and Marketing Director for WSI, Michelle Bussey, was very pleased at the outcome and she commented:

“I am delighted with the progress we have been able to make on some of our key activity and the contribution made by all participants has been truly outstanding. I want to thank everyone personally for their time and effort.”





Team Leaders prepare for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

A Team Leader Working Group meeting was held recently in Leipzig, Germany. A group of Team Leaders fromsix Members came together as a representative voice for all Members.

Important topics were discussed around the preparation for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 with a special focus on the needs of Competitors. The major topics covered were catering, transport, accreditation, security, volunteers, Ceremonies and the farewell party. In addition the Team Leaders toured the Competition venue, Leipziger Messe, all Competitor hotels, the venue for the lunch on the excursion day and the excursion destination – Belantis Park. Here the Team Leaders had the opportunity to test out a few of the attractions including the Hurricane roller coaster.

The highlight of the meetings was the official launch of the One School One Country programme where principals and teachers joined from 55 schools to a ‘world cup style’ pairing with a WorldSkills Member country or region. This launch had great energy and set a wonderful scene for a successful programme.

The meetings were very successful thanks to the preparation by the WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 Operations Team and the valuable input by the Team Leaders.

Thank you to all that participated and we are looking forward to the best WorldSkills Competition ever!





EuroSkills 2012 – Firing on all cylinders

EuroSkills 2012 a great success. Tens of thousands of visitors flocked to Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium to see the 423 skilled stars from 23 countries. With young people in every corner of the famous Formula 1 race course the pit stops and garages were stocked full of florists, masons, designers, machinists, technicians and technologists. The poor weather didn’t hold anyone back from visiting EuroSkills 2012 which included visits from the Queen of Belgium and the European Commissioner who both had opportunities to tour the venue and meet with Competitors.

Forty four skills from six sectors were represented at the event. The skills included Floor Laying, Road Construction, Wood Machining Technology, Truck Driving, Motorcycle Technology, Farrier and Hotel Reception.


EuroSkills 2012



EuroSkills 2012 attracts international visitors

Belgium is the place for international connections and networking. Visiting EuroSkills 2012 to learn more were representatives from Liberia, Iraq and Republic of Côte d'Ivoire as part of a United Nations Industrial Development Organization group on exchange. Sharing their stories and the current situation in their countries with representatives from WorldSkills International WorldSkills Europe, WorldSkills Germany was a true international experience. Lack of infrastructure, an unskilled labour force and rebuilding after war were common themes in the meeting. The delegates wanted to use this opportunity to learn from countries that have strong skills development systems and willing to share their best practices.

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International visitors




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