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WorldSkills Update 30 January 2012

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Happy New Year

By David Hoey
Chief Executive Officer, WorldSkills International

The start of a new year is a time for both reflection and looking forward. Looking back on 2011, I am delighted with the progress made at WorldSkills London 2011 in terms of raising awareness of the event, our organisation and showcasing the importance of skills to global economies. It is also important to pause and reflect on the achievement of many of our strategic objectives laid out in Action Plan 2007-2011 and I would like to recognise the commitment, leadership and achievements of our previous Board. Our General Assembly ratified our Vision 2020 leaving us with the challenge to build on the work done in London. We are determined to take the message higher and wider, supporting and developing more countries/regions from around the world and ensuring the competitions and associated events showcased at WorldSkills International are of the highest quality and value.

Looking ahead in 2012 we have a lot to prepare for and be enthusiastic about. Our new Board will meet for the first time in Leipzig in March with a new President at the helm with the goal to develop an Action Plan to underpin the Vision 2020 for the next 4 years. In May our Members, our Global Industry Partners, and a selection of WorldSkills Champions (former Competitors) will meet at the General Assembly and Youth Forum in Jeju, Korea to discuss and further develop the Action Plan 2012-2015 and many aspects associated with the future of our organisation and Competitions.

Working closely with the WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 team, we will contribute and provide support to help stage the next WorldSkills Competition (and raise the bar over the London event) and looking ahead still further we will begin working with our Hosts in Spain to plan for WorldSkills Madrid 2015.

Thank you all for helping to make 2011 such a successful one for WorldSkills. Here's to 2012 and our continuing journey towards gaining higher status, recognition and value for the skills that are so vital for today's world.

Fluke Networks
Lincoln Electric
Saint Gobain Gyproc


WorldSkills London 2011 shares their experiences with WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

By Sally Eley, WorldSkills International

Bidding to host a WorldSkills Competition is one thing. Making it happen is a whole different ball game as the team from WorldSkills London 2011 will testify and as the team for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 are just finding out.

In mid December, Claus Andresen, CEO of WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, invited the senior management team of WorldSkills London 2011 to Leipzig to share their experiences in order to learn from the lessons of the previous Competition. Led by Chief Executive Aidan Jones, the WorldSkills London 2011 team shared their honest reflections of how they had put the event together, what had worked well and what they perhaps would have done differently with the benefit of hindsight.

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Staying involved in WorldSkills reaps rewards

By Sally Eley, WorldSkills International

Former UK Competitor in Graphic Design, Harry Smith enjoyed his WorldSkills experience so much he was determined to give something back. Employed as the WorldSkills, UK Alumni Co-ordinator, Harry has seen the UK Alumni go from strength to strength. He explains why he is still involved:

“Winning a silver medal in Japan in 2007 was an amazing experience and one which I will never forget. It had such a positive effect on me that I was determined to stay involved and help other young people find out about the benefits of skills competitions and ultimately WorldSkills. One of the reasons I wanted to become involved in shaping the WorldSkills, UK Alumni was to encourage others like me who had competed at a WorldSkills event to have a say in the future of the Competition and to share their ideas and vision.”

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WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 aims to be the 'Most Exciting WorldSkills Competition Ever'

By WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

With WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 now just over a year and a half a way, Claus Andresen, Chief Executive talks about their plans.

“This is a very exciting time for us as we start to shape up the 42nd WorldSkills Competition. We are delighted to have secured The Leipzig Trade Fair as the venue for the event and are confident that it will be an outstanding place to hold the Competition and surrounding activities. Newly built in 1996, with over 100,000 m2 in size and 70,000 m2 outside, the venue is considered as one of the most attractive event venues in Europe and the entrance hall built by the British star architect Ian Ritchie has became a landmark.”

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News from around the world

Finland and China deepen their cooperation in Skills Competitions

By Katja Nieminen, Skills Finland

Skills Competitions’ role as a part of Finnish – Chinese co-operation is growing. In 2011 six Finnish students and two teachers got the chance of a life time to participate in a Finnish-Chinese skills competition in China. Two competitions were organized in connection with the on-the-job learning periods of the students. The Mechatronics competition was held in April and the Caring competition in November. Experiences from both competitions were really positive. All organizations and people involved are keen on continuing to organize the events and to further develop the concept.

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Why Latvia supports WorldSkills International

By Inta Ane, State Education Development Agency, Latvia

Improving the attractiveness and quality of vocational education and training, supporting and preparing youth for labour market insertion and reducing youth unemployment are current topics in Latvia in 2012 and for the coming years. Latvia, as a country that has renewed its independence and become a member state of the European Union, undergoing continuous development in a free market economy, has many changes to make both as regards the understanding and attitude of the public toward vocational education and in the modernization of the education system itself. This is a big challenge for a small country.

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Siemens provide the products behind the Industrial Control Competition

By Sabine Stengel, Siemens

There were 25 hopeful candidates that succeeded in making it to the final round of the Industrial Control (skill 19) competition at WorldSkills London 2011. Thanks to the Product Sponsor, and WorldSkills International Global Industry Partner Siemens, the Competitors were provided with the automation and drive technology components they needed to participate in the final round.

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Technical and vocational skills valuable in this new economy

By Shamkoe Pilé, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Barbados

Many countries are redeveloping their Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) strategies in an effort to bring about increased economic development, and Barbadians must be made aware that the acquisition of technical and vocational skills are an asset in this new economy.

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo made this assertion as she delivered the feature address at the Sponsors' Cocktail Reception for the WorldSkills Barbados Competition 2012, at the beginning of January at the Crane Residential Resort, St. Philip.

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News from WorldSkills International

Profile: Simon Bartley

So, who is our new President?

Born in London on 25th June 1957, Simon spent his first seven years in London before moving 25 miles out of the City and into the countryside.

His mother, Joan, is a Doctor and his father, David, is an Engineer who ran the family Electrical Installation business started in 1921 by his Grandfather. From the age of 8 until 18, Simon attended a boarding school in the Northwest of England.

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General Assembly Jeju 2012

This year's General Assembly will be held 13-20 May, 2012 in the beautiful island of Jeju. The registration deadline for participation at the General Assembly is February 15, 2012. Be sure to visit to register.

The GA will include the meetings of WorldSkills International's Technical and Strategy Committees (comprised of the Technical and Official Delegates respectively, representing each WorldSkills Member Country/Region), along with the WorldSkills International General Assembly.




WorldSkills Youth Forum

By Michelle Turpin, WorldSkills International

The WorldSkills Youth Forum will be held in May in beautiful Jeju, Korea alongside the General Assembly. All Members are encouraged to support their Champions by sending them to the Youth Forum in Korea where they will have the opportunity to discuss their own paths and how WorldSkills International has helped shape their worlds. This 'working forum' will be held in an open and creative environment to allow the Champions to share their thoughts, insights and lessons learned that will help shape the vision of WorldSkills International.

Mark your calendars and plan to send Champions from your country/region to this exciting event.





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